Our current packaging is made from 40 micron polypropylene which is completely recyclable (#5) and typically recycled into battery cases, bins, pallets and brooms. Polypropylene provides a great barrier to moisture and helps to maintain the integrity and quality of our products. We do not apply stickers to our packaging (which would render it non-recyclable) and we use paper labels as tags.

That been said, we are very aware of the devastating effect of plastic on the environment and have spent many hours discussing and looking at alternatives to our current packaging. We are investigating biodegradable packaging options, but are concerned that they are porous and not ideal for long-term storage. It is simply not an option to compromise the quality of our products.

Our packaging is by no means perfect and we are constantly looking for a better option. We are committed to finding a solution that works equally well for our products as well as the environment.

If you have any information that could further support the use of bio-plastics or any suggestions we might have overlooked, please let us know at or give us a call on 021 856 0661.